しかし、構造動作「Anatomical Activity」理論が提唱する「股割り」は、一般的に行われているそれとは決定的に違う部分がある。
一方、構造動作「Anatomical Activity」理論では、「いかに筋を伸ばさずに、股関節の可動域を拡げるか」という点を重要視している。

構造動作「Anatomical Activity」理論では、筋を伸ばす股割りを、「股裂き」と呼ぶ。
 「股裂き」と「股割り」の違い。 この「違い」の中に、独自の智恵と工夫が注がれている。



Hello, my name is Takahiro Nakamura. I'm a physical trainer and therapist in Japan.

Have you ever heard of "matawari"?

It is a traditional Japanese training exercise.

It is especially important for sumo wrestlers.

It helps build good balance and flexibility.

Not just sumo wrestlers, but many other athletes also incorporate matawari into their daily exercise routine.

1) Keep your chest out (Do not lock your shoulders, do not pull your chest in, and do not roll your shoulders backwards)
2) Make sure your stomach is inflated (Do not suck in your belly)
3) Incline your pelvis (If your hip-joints are locked, you are declining)
4) Stand on your tiptoes but make sure your knees are relaxed (Do not lock your knees)
5) Keep movements to your hips (Do not move with your lower back)
6) Lie on your back (Do not lie on your front)

構造動作トレーニング “股割り”を極める [DVD]

Be very careful not to stretch using your lower back muscles. Move your hips at your own pace.
If you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail.
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